"What if everyone had the chance and opportunity to live out the identity that they were created for?"

Debs Walker, Founder of 7More


Our Mission

7More initiates programs designed to break the cycles of poverty and hopelessness created by fatherless generations. These programs intercept lives at key turning points, releasing individuals into the real plan for their lives.


Our history

Since 2005, 7More has been serving the ‘oppressed, fatherless and widows’ within the Houston area. 7More has done this by working alongside local and international ministries. Josh and Debs Walker, from Ireland, felt called to move to Houston to love and serve the poor.

What started as feeding the homeless in downtown Houston, as well as skateboarding and playing basketball with at-risk youth in North Houston, has led to three focused areas where 7More works to intercept cycles of poverty and hopelessness with Life and Hope.   One area of focus involves outreaches in low income neighborhoods across the greater Houston area. Each neighborhood has weekly projects devoted to development and renewal of the community. With its foundation rooted in the message of love, mercy and reconciliation, our secondary area of focus has expanded into working within the judicial system, in the Harris County jails and to ex-offenders upon their release. Our third area of focus involves inviting young people from around the world to join in serving with us, with the goal of releasing them into their identity and giftings. Through an internship program, each person gains experience and wisdom to bring home to serve in their home country.

You guys made me feel valued as a human on a day when I thought no one would even look me in the eye.
— Ex Offender released May 2018