the Prison system

Harris County Jail:

7More volunteers as chaplains on a weekly basis. They also help with empowering and equipping local individuals to volunteer. 60 volunteers have been trained.

Greyhound Ex-offender Outreach:

7More meets ex-offenders who are released to the downtown Houston Greyhound bus station and the Huntsville Greyhound bus station. They meet them with love, hope, and acceptance while exchanging their prison attire for fresh clothes, bags, and a fresh start. On average, over 3,000 individuals are served each year.

As of December 31, 2015, the Texas prison population was 149,159. The TDCJ's annual budget was over $3.2 billion. In 2015 it cost the citizens of Texas an average of $22,012 per year for each individual incarcerated. 7More aims to reduce the number of individuals entering the prison system, as well as reduce the recidivism rate, in order to lower the TDCJ's annual budget.  



community renewal

7More serves low-income communities where the demographic is largely single moms and families struggling to make ends meet. Our staff members move into target communities to launch programs that encourage learning, create fellowship, grow faith, and spur change.

We currently serve three different communities in North Houston with varying needs. The different programs we run include:

       - Mentoring

       - Tutoring

       - Sports outreach

       - Family festivals 

       -Bible studies



Bi-annually, 7More welcomes college-aged adults for a three-month internship. Each intern is personally mentored and plays a key role in all of the 7More ministries. Our vision is to send the interns back to their home country equipped to transform their communities. Since the inception of 7More, 50 interns have been mentored and released on 5 different continents.