Over 150,000 men and women incarcerated in Texas alone. 70,000 ex-offenders released back into Texas communities every year. 18,000 released to Houston every year .... But even less equipped to make it then when they went in. No one of us can make it on their own – but they are Leaving prison with more bridges burned and less support to make it. Released with no dignity and little hope. Families in increasing downward spirals that they can't turn around as their fathers and sons go to prison. Can we reverse the inevitable paths that lead to prison? Can we change the mindsets of families that accept that their men will do time? Can we turn around the statistics that guarantee these children will follow in the footsteps of their fathers?! 

As the ex offenders walk off the bus and through the greyhound station, wearing their shame and the prison issue clothes and laundry bag, trying to avoid the stares and fear and condescending looks - they are met by 7more with a message of hope and strength and dignity. The 7more family meet the ex offenders being released back into society at the greyhound bus station with fresh clothes and shoes and bags - and a fresh start. 

On top of immediate needs 7more also  provides ongoing resources and information over the following weeks to point the ex offenders towards stable work and housing. 

Can we give the ex offenders being released onto the streets hope and dignity? Can we give them a chance at changing the destinies of their families?! Can we equip the men to care for their families and see a cycle broken?